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After completing my medical exams for becoming a doctor and later on for becoming a General Practitioner, I specialized in Psychiatry (University of Groningen).I have been a registered psychiatrist and psychotherapist since 1994, working in Holland and also for several years abroad in China and the Middle East.


My patients are referred by their GP for treatment for a diverse range of issues, including for example:

- Depression
- Post traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)
- Attention Deficit Disorder(ADHD)
- Anxiety (e.g. panic disorder)
- Phobias
- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
-Psychotic problems as long as there is no acute life treatenig situation.That can't be handeld in a private clinic

The problems may be related to the individual, stem from interpersonal issues or may be work related. Alcohol and drug addiction will not be treated in the practice. After the intake a plan of treatment will be discussed and drawn up.

What kind of treatment?

Treatment will vary depending on the type of condition being treated and may include:

Medication: In several cases a medical drug treatment in combination with psychotherapeutic sessions may have a beneficial effect.,including for example depression, anxiety disorders, ADHD and psychotic symptoms.
Psychotherapeutic sessions can be used to treat trauma related symptoms using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing-refer to my website for further details) is often accompanied by a treatment applying techniques to improve the patients’s grounding, relaxation and self-confidence.

Cognitive behavior treatment can be used to treat depressive symptoms, anxieties and bad habits.
Hypnotherapy can be used to change eating habits, improve a sense of self and letting go of events that happened in the past, including overcoming broken relationships.

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